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Adventure Is Out There

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Recently, my boyfriend James and I, were working to extend James’ work permit. James was on a working holiday program and was trying hard to extend his stay legally. We even went to lawyers for help. But when things didn’t pan out the way we wanted, we decided to travel back to James’ home country of New Zealand together.

So here we are.

I had never been outside of North America before. Going to the airport with my mom and dad was tough. I have been living on my own for over a year now, but knowing I would be away from them for four months was a difficult thought. We had an emotional embrace, then left to go through security.

I am not a traveler by any means. I despise flying, and I get nervous about the unexpected. However the week leading up to our departure was jam-packed with the unexpected, and I was pretty jam-packed with medication. I had gotten extremely ill the week before our flight. I was writing notes to James because I couldn’t even speak! At one point, I slept an entire day while James packed the whole kitchen on his own. Fearing depression I will refrain from mentioning a slew of other horrible events that followed. I slowly regained my voice and retained some serious sinus congestion, maybe even an infection. I was frightened my eardrums would explode on the planes, hence the medication! So while I should have been hyperventilating at security, going through customs and filing into our first plane, I was calm and collected and genuinely having a great time on my first big trip. This was partly due to two things. One was, definitely, the medication.

The second, was James.

James has been all over the world. He is also the most relaxed, down-to-earth guy I have ever met. His chilled out attitude seemed to pacify me as we made our way through the scariest part of the airport – customs. Surprisingly, the man at the counter barely glanced at my passport, while James had to get his retina and fingerprints scanned. I would have been sweating bullets! The combination of James’ calm demeanor and the plethora of medication I was on made my 17 hour trip a dream. Quite literally. I slept 80% of the way!

Arriving in New Zealand was surreal. We were met with smiling faces and hugs from James’ family. I had met James’ sister before when she came to stay with us in Canada for a month, but his mom and dad I had only seen through Skype. At least I was already used to the accents!

From what I had been told, it was Autumn in New Zealand at the time of our arrival. The sliding doors to the parking lot greeted me with a warm breeze and a humid, tropical smell. I had only smelled this scent in one other place, the Vancouver Aquarium tropical zone. I couldn’t believe that James’ country would smell so beautiful, but I had only hit the tip of the iceberg of beauty in New Zealand.

I’ve been here over a month and I am still discovering new beauty, photographing as much as I could. Enjoy :)


A New Year

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Everyone makes resolutions. I seriously believe everyone makes them, whether they openly admit it or not. Some people are adamant that New Years resolutions are baloney! Some articles even say that it’s a bad idea to make weight a resolution because you ultimately are setting yourself up for failure. A large goal is hard to achieve, and not making that goal can be a huge disappointment. But of course, I still made a weight goal. I didn’t set any number goal, particularly, only that I wanted to be healthier and fit into some of my old clothes.

I did read an article that mentioned people who wrote blogs or kept a diary about things that were most important to them lost weight while those who wrote about unimportant things actually gained weight. Now whether I believe this or not, I found it interesting none the less. Why don’t I keep a diary? I had numerous diaries when I was in my adolescence. Mind you, they were full of gaps that spanned months, even years. Maybe it’s my disdain for routine that keeps me from regular tasks.

Keeping all these things in mind, I went to my favourite yoga class on Tuesday with my best friend on the first sunny day this whole winter. It felt good to be aware of my body again. So many people blog about running, exercise… But I am just not that kind of person. Hatha yoga is different for me. It’s an hour long session of stretching! I love to stretch! And if my muscles get a little stronger each time, well, I’m certainly not complaining!

After yoga, we went on a small walk around Deer Lake in the sunshine. Later that afternoon we met up again to take a walk around Mundy Park. It was cold under the canopy of the trees, but amazing to get outside and breathe some fresh air. I’m excited to push myself this year, really try to maintain some physical activity in my life. Maybe writing about my goals, my strengths, desires, and things that are important to me will keep me on track.


Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Welcome to my new photoblog! I’ll be posting photos from each session here from now on instead of using my website. It’s getting quite full now! I hope you enjoy my posts!


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