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Granville Island Wedding: Nicole and Jonathan

Friday, October 7th, 2011

This past July I drove to Granville Island in the breezy warm afternoon to meet Nicole and Jonathan for their engagement shoot. We had such a great time together taking photos and talking about plans for their wedding. For someone who doesn’t like having his photograph taken, Jon is super photogenic! He might deny it if you say so, but it’s true. And Nicole, well… You just can’t take a bad photo of Nicole! I departed in the late afternoon after our engagement session and immediately I wanted to hang out with them again. That’s how you feel around Nicole and Jonathan. Their fun, outgoing, funny, relaxed personalities are infectious and you just need to be around them. Come October 2nd, their wedding day, that feeling washed over me again when we arrived at the Granville Island Hotel. We were greeted by Nicole’s friends and family with big smiles, Nicole yelling down the hall to me as she was having her gorgeous hair done up. It was clear that I was not the only one who understood this feeling of needing to be a part of Nicole and Jonathan’s life. With 5 groomsmen and 5 bridesmaids, family and friends who had known Nicole and Jonathan since birth or shortly after, their loved ones were not hard to come by.

When talking to Nicole and Jonathan during their engagement session, they confessed that they had been pressured to get married for 9 years. 9 YEARS! Nicole had promised her father that they would get married when the Vancouver Canucks won the Stanley Cup. Well, heck, I think the boys knew how long each side of the family had been waiting so they played their hearts out! We lost in the finals, but 17 years after the last Stanley cup run, I’d say it must have been some sort of sign. Happy and content in their lives living together and being perfectly in love, the pressure from family (and the Canucks!) to get married grew over the years. So they up and said, “it’s about time.” And they did. And it was amazing. Here are the photos from Nicole and Jonathan’s Granville Island Old Hollywood Wedding:

In lieu of wedding favours, Nicole and Jonathan made a special donation to the BC Cancer Foundation. Jonathan’s father, Dale was an important part of his and his brother’s lives. He loved Nicole like the daughter he never had. Jonathan lost his father a few years ago to Cancer, and wanted to celebrate his memory on the day they would miss him the most. Jonathan and his brothers wore red cancer awareness bracelets that could be seen poking out of their sleeves. It was so touching to see the photos of Jonathan, his brothers and his father in frames with a certificate explaining their generosity. I think it’s a fantastic idea for other brides and grooms to do instead of wedding favours. If you’d like to make a donation in memory of Jonathan’s father, or for a loved one lost to cancer, click here to visit the Cancer Foundation website where you can pay tribute.

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