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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Sarah and I had never met in person until last Tuesday when she hollered to me across the field at Maple Ridge Park where we had agreed to meet for her engagement session. It had been a few months since she had booked her wedding with me for next Summer, but we had been emailing back and forth for ages trying to find a day that would work for both of us to meet for pictures. Last Sunday I got a text from Sarah wondering if I could meet that Tuesday! Why not!

I hadn’t been to Maple Ridge in a long time. I used to spend almost every weekend in Maple Ridge back when I was a teenager. I thought it was the coolest place , to be so far away from the city. It felt like being in a small town, but in reality Maple Ridge is quite big. And it took me quite a while to drive to the park, as I underestimated the drive and the traffic.

The weather was gorgeous, just as I had hoped. The sun looked warm, but in fact it was freezing out and I immediately regretted not bringing a better coat. Once we got into the full swing of photos though, I didn’t even notice. Sarah and Chris brought along their 5 month old baby, Makenzie. Without a doubt, the most beautiful eyes on a baby I have ever seen! And what an adorable hat! I couldn’t get over how cute this little family was, and so sweet! We had a lovely time taking some photos while the sun set through the Autumn leaves. Chris pointed out some great graffitti under the bridge, so of course we took some great “grungy” photos with the tags behind them. So great! I had a wonderful time meeting Chris, Sarah and Makenzie and now am even more excited for their wedding! Summer can’t come soon enough!


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