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Gastown Portrait Session: Moira

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

I recently felt stale with my photography due to lack of practice! So I sent out a Facebook message to see if anyone would be interested in a photo walk with me. My childhood friend, Moira, was one of the first to send me an email to set up a portrait session.

Her ideal location was her own backyard in Gastown, Vancouver. I was eager to venture downtown to visit Moira and see her gorgeous apartment, right on Water St. The trees decorated with white, year-round Christmas lights sparkled in the bit of sun outside the window as Moira showed me her beautiful apartment. The hustle and bustle of tourists, shoppers and downtown traffic buzzed quietly down below us while Moira got ready and I caught up with her boyfriend, Matt. He was even nice enough to step in for a few photos later!

Moira led me through the streets of Gastown to a little bridge over to a little gem called Crab Park. A small beach, playground, pier, and garden all hidden behind the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. We started our photo walk here and wound our way around Gastown for some unique and fun locations that Moira had in mind for her portraits. She was very intent on shooting in a location so close to home, and it showed in her photos. She was calm, relaxed, easy going and so much fun to photograph. She kept telling me she had no idea what to do and didn’t know anything about being a model, but I’d say she’s a big fat liar as she hit this set out of the park. Moira is truly gorgeous, so it’s not difficult to take a bad photo of this girl! I loved this session, and I hope you do too :)


Gastown Wedding: Andrew and May

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I love driving, despite my road rage outbursts, and especially love driving through great areas of town – specifically? Gastown. It’s bumpy, noisy and full of pedestrians, but you just can’t help feeling a sense of wonder and pride as your tires pass over the beautiful cobblestone underneath. It had rained all week and looked miserable for the weekend, but something must have known it was May and Andrew’s special day. Not a drop of rain! I parked my car and entered Steamworks Uberlounge to meet Jessica Singh, Andrew and May’s event coordinator. This venue is probably the best kept secret in Gastown, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. With a giant bay window floor to ceiling as the backdrop for the ceremony, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable day.

A few photos around the venue of May’s hard work on the sweet decor and details, and I was off to meet the ladies. I was greeted at the door by Megan who invited me in to May’s hotel room. It was a great room overlooking the gorgeous Vancouver Library. The ladies and I went down to the pool deck for some portraits, and quickly set off to the ceremony. I was extremely excited to see May walk down the isle, passing gracefully over the fall leaves they had sprinkled on the floor. What a perfect day for an Autumn wedding. Gastown was littered with orange and yellow leaves, just perfect for portraits. After the beautiful Tea Ceremony and Civil Ceremony, we took a walk up and around Canada Place and circled back to the Landing for the reception.

Andrew and May were announced as Dr. and Dr. to cheers and applause. The room glowed with autumn colours and smiles as both families joined together for a delicious dinner and laughs, including a ‘sweet’ kissing game. Pulling a silver Hersey’s kiss from a bag made the bride and groom kiss – but pull a blue kiss and you have to kiss someone else in the room!

Throughout the day, Andrew and May looked at each other with nothing but smiles on their faces. I think if I had asked them to remain serious while looking at one another, they would have failed miserably. I could feel that these two belonged together and have always been comfortable as a couple. I am so happy for them to have become husband and wife, it was so touching to be part of their beautiful, special day.



Gastown Wedding Sneak-Peek

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Just a little taste from the wedding I shot in Gastown over the weekend! We were blessed with a rain-free afternoon for some great portraits.



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