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Archive: February, 2012

New West Engagement: Larisa + Micah

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Larisa and Micah met me at Starbucks on Sunday to sit down and have a little chat before our session that afternoon. Micah had never met me before, so this was a great opportunity to get a feel of each others personalities and to see how Larisa and Micah acted together. I felt as if they had been together for 10+ years, they were so comfortable with each other. This comfortable, easy-going feeling lasted the entire fun engagement session. In reality, Larisa and Micah have only been together for 3 years and got engaged this past July! During our coffee meeting, Larisa and Micah asked me about my thoughts on some wedding topics. Micah seemed almost exhausted by even the idea of talking about it! But like he said, it’s his “first wedding” so I think we’ll give him a break. Wedding planning is exhausting for anyone, really!

The jokes didn’t stop there, and we had a lot of fun walking around Antique Alley in New West finding some great areas to stop and take some pictures and have a few laughs. Micah and Larisa seemed in perfect sync, they matched each other perfectly. Their love was a comfortable kind of love, where you find yourself almost addicted to being around them. You want them to be your best friends, you want them at all your parties, you want them to be your maid of honour and best man, they are just that kind of couple. Every chance they got to look at each other, a big grin spread across their faces. I think they’re a perfect match, and I can tell they know it too.

I had a blast hanging out with Larisa and Micah and absolutely cannot wait for their wedding in September so we can have a whole other day full of laughs and love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


New West Engagement Sneak-Peek: Larisa + Micah

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

A sneak-peek of the amazing engagement shoot I shot today! More to come on… Tuesday!

New Aspirations for My Business!

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

I have often read articles regarding how to market to the right clients, how to showcase and sell your photography style but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have a clue how to market myself unless I only photographed weddings that were underwater. With all the fantastic talent out there now, I find it difficult to market based on a style of photography. Photography, weddings especially, go through trends. Wedding photographers can showcase their work based on those trends, but trends are always changing. That means photographers would have to constantly be re-branding and re-marketing themselves. Maybe that’s just part of the business, but it seems discouraging to me to be so cosmetic. Yes this is a visual industry but I want people to see me and my photography, not trends.

This Winter, I was trying to work out how I wanted my website to look and function. How to be different. I recently read an article that encouraged promoting yourself rather than your photography. A light bulb went on. I am a very unique person with an original personality. Why am I not marketing this? My photography blog and website should be about me! Since, I have started thinking about a complete re-brand of my business. New logo, website, blog design, business cards, packaging, etc. I am so thrilled at the idea! A few months ago I was scared to death of trying to give my business the kick in the butt it needed, but with this new surge of inspiration I can’t wait to dive in! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, why am I so afraid of doing what I did in school for 3 years? I will admit that it is most difficult to brand yourself, but by now I should have a good idea of who I am and who I want my clients to see.

I have started a “Pinterest” which has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of collecting ideas and inspirations for my re-brand as well as boards to send my clients! What better way to give my clients an idea of my style then to show it to them! If you’d like to see my boards so far, feel free to have a look at my Pinterest! I’d love to follow you back, too!

Starting on my way to marketing myself I had my assistant and boyfriend, James, take a few photos of me yesterday while the sun was around! I can’t wait to start re-working my brand, starting with marketing my greatest attribute: ME!


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