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Gastown Portrait Session: Moira

March 14th, 2013

I recently felt stale with my photography due to lack of practice! So I sent out a Facebook message to see if anyone would be interested in a photo walk with me. My childhood friend, Moira, was one of the first to send me an email to set up a portrait session.

Her ideal location was her own backyard in Gastown, Vancouver. I was eager to venture downtown to visit Moira and see her gorgeous apartment, right on Water St. The trees decorated with white, year-round Christmas lights sparkled in the bit of sun outside the window as Moira showed me her beautiful apartment. The hustle and bustle of tourists, shoppers and downtown traffic buzzed quietly down below us while Moira got ready and I caught up with her boyfriend, Matt. He was even nice enough to step in for a few photos later!

Moira led me through the streets of Gastown to a little bridge over to a little gem called Crab Park. A small beach, playground, pier, and garden all hidden behind the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. We started our photo walk here and wound our way around Gastown for some unique and fun locations that Moira had in mind for her portraits. She was very intent on shooting in a location so close to home, and it showed in her photos. She was calm, relaxed, easy going and so much fun to photograph. She kept telling me she had no idea what to do and didn’t know anything about being a model, but I’d say she’s a big fat liar as she hit this set out of the park. Moira is truly gorgeous, so it’s not difficult to take a bad photo of this girl! I loved this session, and I hope you do too :)


Burnaby Mountain Portrait Session: AnnaMaria

March 1st, 2013

My good friend AnnaMaria contacted me in the fall of 2012 (YES I AM THAT BEHIND!) to do a portrait session as a gift for her boyfriend. I was so excited when she contacted me, she is such a gorgeous person inside and out. She is also a fantastic singer! We managed to get some nice headshots for her CDs as well!

We picked a perfect day to meet up at Burnaby Mountain, it was a gorgeous sunny day. The leaves on the ground were so vibrant it was such a perfect backdrop for my gorgeous model. We had a lot of fun throwing leaves (then picking them out of AnnaMaria’s hair) and enjoyed walking around the park. AnnaMaria was so much fun to photograph, she is such a beautiful person and you can absolutely tell by her genuine smile.

New Things To Come!

February 22nd, 2013

Big updates coming to the blog very soon :)

Here’s a sneak-peek into the latest sets going to be featured in the next coming weeks!

Styled Wedding Photoshoot

October 29th, 2012

Earlier this year I had an idea. I don’t often get these, so it was pretty exciting to know that my brain still worked. I had the idea to borrow items from vendors that were starting out (like me) and feature them on my blog! But how? By combining these items to create a beautiful styled wedding photoshoot. All the items featured in the photos were hand made by ladies who have their own businesses just like me. I wanted to showcase their work as well as my own. This was a collaborative effort and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing women behind this project: the vendors.

The beautiful dress you see was hand-made by Colleen of French Knot Couture. (Link to Etsy Store) This dress really set the tone for the rest of the items and the shoot itself. The short, sweet, Summer wedding dress was a perfect addition to the outdoorsy, woodland, Summer sweet style I had in mind. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect dress for the project.

The outstanding bouquet, hair clip and boutonierre was hand-crafted by Melisa of Crafty Frills. Why have a flower bouquet that will dry out and die when you can have one that will last forever? This was the first thought that ran through my head when I saw the amazing bouquets by Melisa. The yellow and white fabric flowers immediately caught my attention, I just had to have them! They set the colour scheme and brought a soft Summery touch to the shoot.

The sparkling woodland jewelry you see my wonderful model adorning was hand-made by Jennifer from Jen’s Gems. (Link to Etsy Store)  The twisted branch-like necklace amazed me when I first visited Jen’s page. What an amazing focal piece for a wedding. And it did just that! The jewelry set of the necklace, earrings and bracelet really added that sparkle and elegance that made the ensemble go from backyard wedding to chic-backyard wedding. The pieces really tied the whole outfit together in just the perfect way.

The amazing pearl-drop headpiece resting gracefully atop the gorgeous model’s crown was hand-made by Elisa from Elibre. (Link to Etsy Store) When I saw the sweet fairy-like headpiece by Elisa I wanted one of each for myself. The gorgeous one-of-a-kind crowns and headpieces are dripping with fairytale elegance and brought “woodland” elements I so dearly wanted in my shoot. Elisa also sent me a few other pieces to feature including the beautiful beaded bracelet and sparkling hair comb. Both looked amazing with the dress and overall look.

The incredible light-up letter that dazzled the evening shoot was hand-crafted by Leslie from LP Designs. I saw these light-up letters and knew one had to be a part of this sweet outdoor shoot. How else could you possibly add such great sparkle to an outdoor wedding than with a country-chic lit-up initial! This “S” happened to be our model’s last-name initial, which worked out so perfectly! The lights really make a statement and bring such a pop of colour and fun to the shoot. I felt it fit well with the pottery-barn lights as well.

Those deliciously soft cupcakes were designed by Laura from Laura Moxon Makeup FX. Yes, this gorgeous gal not only bakes, but she does incredible makeup FX!!! I was floored to discover Laura has many talents! At the drop of a hat Laura made these cupcakes for me, matching them to a T to the colours and textures in Melisa’s bouquet. They mixed seamlessly with the sweet, fun, outdoor Summer wedding style I had wanted to achieve. These cupcakes really put the icing on the cake, so to speak.

The stunning make-up on our model was provided by the extremely talented Hanna Duong. (Link to Email) I was so impressed with her work, she knew exactly the look to give our model and rocked it so hard. I couldn’t have made this look as incredibly professional without her work. The glitter and glam she brought to the model was outstanding and I was in love with the final outcome.

The hair styling was done by the incredible Lauren Sands of Planet Hair & Spa. This elegant up-do was the perfect final touch to the whole wedding outfit. From the sweet curls in the back, to the soft tendrils framing our model’s face, it was the perfect Summer wedding up-do. Not too chic, with just enough “fun.” I’d highly recommend her for your next fancy hair-style. She was so sweet and did an excellent job.

The stunning model in the photos is my very best friend, Kate. She was such a dream to work with, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else wearing that dress now. It’s just so much more fun to photograph your best friend than a model you’ve never met before. She brought many ideas and laughs to the table, and was so willing and eager to help. I couldn’t have asked for a better model, or a better friend to share this experience with. Thank you so much, Kate!

Everything else you see in the photoshoot was designed, borrowed, or created by yours truly. I wanted to synchronize all the pieces together to create a Summer palette, a sweet, woodsy theme. I think me and the other ladies did quite well. But why don’t I let you decide for yourselves? Take a look at this Summer’s-End Styled Photoshoot.






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